Dal Makhani

A harmonious combination of black lentils cooked over a slow…

Cubed Cottage Cheese cooked in a creamy tomato sauce

Malai Kofte

Cottage Cheese rounds cooked in a savory spiced sauce

Mustard Greens cooked Punjabi Style

Palak Paneer

Fresh creamed spinach cooked with cubes of homemade cottage cheese

Dahi Baingan

An exotic & colorful eggplant delicacy cooked in yogurt &…

Aloo Gobhi

Diced cauliflower cooked with potatoes & freshly ground spices

An exotic mushroom delicacy cooked with green peas

Mixed vegetables cooked in a mild curry sauce

Mixed vegetables sauteed with Indian spices & herbs

Chana Masala

Chickpeas sauteed with fresh ginger, garlic & cooked Northern Indian…

Dal Tarka

Yellow lentil cooked with onion, ginger,garlic and coriander, prepared with…

Kadai Paneer

Cubed homemade cottage cheese cooked & served with onion, tomatoes…

Fenugreek leaves with green peas in a rich creamy sauce

Fresh green peas & homemade cottage cheese

Shredded & scrambled cottage cheese with spices

Aloo Methi

Ferngreen leaves with potatoes & spices

Aloo Jeera

Diced potatoes marinated with Indian spices & herbs. Finished with…

Bindi Masala

Fresh crispy okra with onions and tomatoes

Shahi Paneer

Homemade cottage cheese with thick creamy cashew nut sauce

Spicy jalapenos in a creamy chili sauce