Enjoy one, or several of our delectable appetizers while you wait for your main course. Our traditional Indian and Fusion Indo-Chinese delicacies are wonderful choices to start your meal.


Choose from a variety of freshly made soups.

Indo Chinese Appetizers

Our traditional Indian and Fusion Indo Chinese delicacies are wonderful choices to start your meal.

Kababs from the Tandoor (Non- Vegetarian)

Enjoy the flavor of delicious meats, chicken and fish, marinated in our own recipe of herbs and spices.

Vegetarian Kababs

Delightfully marinated vegetarian kabab choices including mushroom, cheese and vegetables.


Goat, lamb, chicken and fish are abundant for main courses and as are our many kababs from the Tandoor. Tender morsels of meat and poultry will have you coming back for more.


We offer a huge assortment of vegetarian dishes made with fresh vegetables and ingredients. Savor our vegetarian kababs or main course plates that will delight your taste buds.


Our tantalizing basmati rice selections with chicken, lamb, shrimp, or vegetables served with raita.


An Indian meal would not be complete without the traditional delicious warm breads. Enjoy one or two, or order our Bread Basket with a selection of the most popular breads.


Enhance the flavor of your meal with our selection of six delicious side dishes


Complete your meal with our scrumptious traditional desserts, prepared fresh daily


Enjoy our tasty lassis or other beverages choices.

Any special request will be accommodated to the best of our ability.

We offer Halal food upon request.

All food can be prepared to your taste, mild, medium or hot.

Please advise us of any food allergies when placing your order.